Let's Enjoy Ramen After You Enjoy RWC2019.

Hello Guys.

What will you do after enjoying amazing Rugby games and glasses of beer in Japan?

Clubbing? Karaoke?

You may be hungry after the game so need to fill yourself up to enjoy those.

Then, what will you eat?

McDonald? Burger King?

NO!! Let's eat Ramen.

There are a plenty of Ramen shops in Japan so it may be difficult to find a good one.


I will share good Ramen shops through my blog.

I will introduce one of the most famous Ramen shop in Fuchu, Tokyo.

Mensouken Kurenai (麺創研 紅)

1 minute away from Fuchu station

around ¥1,000

Spicy Miso based soup ( you can choose mild miso type)
Unique hand-made noodle
No English menu

Don't you wanna try this?

Very tasty soup and noodle!!

This shop is very popular so you will find a queue around lunch(12~13) & dinner(18~19) time.
However, I am sure that it is worth waiting for a half hour to have this Ramen.